I was just talking with the estimable Peter Fox and he reminded me of a producer comment.  We were both in the room and can verify that we both heard the very same thing.

Peter was at the console recording a score I had written – this was in his home studio. We were listening to a playback.  Two producers were hovering over us shouting meaningless directives.  And at some pivotal point, one of the producers said ” Can’t you make it more edgy? You know, just add some more sharps and flats.”   All I can remember of Peter is his face as tears came out of his eyes; he was shaking he was laughing so hard and biting his fist so he wouldn’t laugh out loud.   I can’t remember one other thing about the session: not the music. that the name of the film. Not the producers names ( thankfully, because I would have used them here). Nothing but that line. 

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