The Germano’s show on Tuesday was really fun.  I just looked at the videos we took and I am struck by how naturally Marilyn swings. 

It is just an amazing, and particularly American trait that she comes by naturally.   Can I just say that Germano’s would benefit from just a “little” stage….

Just a 4 inch stage would make a world of difference.   Also, it is worth noting that Valentine’s day…. or St. Valentines Day ( as I usually call it) is a supremely weird night to play.

At least half the audience was there as sort of a pre-game warm-up for the “actual” Valentine’s Day event. ( sex) . There were quite a few couples who left before the show was over… but had quirky somehow complicit smiles on their faces as they left.  I felt like we had done our jobs in making their lives just a little more complete for at least that one night.

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