Lyrical Modern Classical Music

2007 – 5 Movements – Duration: 15 minutes

[audio:|titles=The Fireman’s Carnival – Twilight Bicycle][audio:|titles=The Fireman’s Carnival – Shooting Gallery][audio:|titles=The Fireman’s Carnival – Ferris Wheel][audio:|titles=The Fireman’s Carnival – House of Mirrors][audio:|titles=The Fireman’s Carnival – Dreams]

Minimum orchestra required: harp, strings, solo clarinet

Description: Five movements. A misty, romantic piece about going to a tiny carnival in a small town at night. The movements are based loosely on the experiences of the attractions at the carnival: Ferris Wheel, Shooting Gallery, etc. Ben Redwine plays this piece really well and would certainly be available to perform this again. (a shameless plug)

Score Sheets

Twilight Bicycle Ride | Shooting Gallery | Ferris Wheel | House of Mirrors | Dreams

From Istanbul: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra

2007 – 3 Movements – Duration: 18 minutes

[audio:|titles=From Istanbul – Movement I – Kula][audio:|titles=From Istanbul – Movement II – Ushak][audio:|titles=From Istanbul – Movement III – Kotshak]

Minimum orchestra required: 2 fl(picc), 2 ob (EH), 2 cl, bsn, 3 trp, 4 hrn, 3 trb, tba, 2 perc, timp, harp, strings, solo viola

Description: I wrote this for Osman Kivrak, who is Turkish. And although each movement is named after a town in Turkey the music itself is more of a western tourist’s look at the sights and sounds of Turkey. A postcard, if you will. The middle movement is one of the prettiest pieces of music I have ever written.

Score Sheets

Movement I – Kula | Movement II – Ushak | Movement III – Kotshak

The Far Tortoogas

2007 – 1 Movement – Duration: 15 minutes

[audio:|titles=The Far Tortoogas]

Minimum orchestra required: 2 fl(picc), 2 ob (EH), 2 cl(bs cl), 2bsn (contra), 3 trp, 4 hrn, 3 trb, tba, 3-4 perc, timp, harp, strings

Description: I have always wanted only two things in my film music career: 1. to write a Sweeping Western and 2. to score a pirate movie. This is the pirate movie… without the visuals. It is programmatic, although I have yet to determine how much of that information to share with the audience?

Score Sheet

The Far Tortoogas