My relationship with Hollywood is somewhat fraught.  I lived there off and on for nine years.  I had little bits of success.  Enough to keep me coming back, but not enough to make me pull up stakes in my beloved Washington DC and fully commit to LA.  I had a great place there that I shared with a director. It was up in the Hollywood Hills and we had a view of the entire Los Angeles Basin that was nothing short of fabulous. But if I was there for more than two weeks at a time that view used to haunt me.  How could I look out at 7 million people and not have more than three people that I cared to talk to?   I am making it sound more depressing than it was.  Although I will share my favorite description of Hollywood with you.  Standing above the scene inside Loews Santa Monica Hotel -looking down at the sprawling LA film festival crowd, my old friend Ray remarked:  ” Behold, an ocean of C minus students” .  

     I finally gave it up about 10 years ago. What a wonderful, light freedom  it was to give up on Hollywood. I can still remember walking over the “lion bridge ” here in Washington and wondering why I felt so good.  And figuring out that I finally did not have to think about Los Angeles  any more.  

      Hollywood is now like a bad, old girlfriend to me.  You know, the one – when you see her at a party… you say to yourself ” Man, she looks good! – why did I ever leave her?”   And as soon as you talk to her it all comes back to you.   I’m heading to LA in an hour.  Ready to face my old, bad girlfriend of a city.  And I am sure that when I get there…. She will look so fine.

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