Work is surrounding me. That is generally a very good thing. I function best when I am busy. Here are some things that are coming up.

  1. Susan Koch’s new feature doc about AIDS in Washington DC
  2. A series theme for a news (duh) show produced by the Newseum. Paul Sparrow is the producer. It is very slick.
  3. A promotional video for Bono’s “One” foundation. Produced by Susan Koch and Neil Barret. But NOT shot by him. The footage came from students using flip cams. FYI – filmmaking is generally best left to filmmakers. Just because the technology exists for everyone… that doesn’t make everyone a filmmaker. This is not an elite sort of thing to feel. I am rightfully proud of the field I work in.
  4. I am also looking forward to The Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic playing The Far Tortoogas on October 11th and 18th. I love their conductor, Ulysses James. What a cool guy. A man truly dedicated to the discovery of new good music. He should get a medal for the work he does.

But the really fun thing has been buying a CD called “Oliver Nelson: Fantabulous.” It was originally issued in 1964 on the ARGO label. Recorded in Chicago with some famous players, (Grady Tate is on Drums and Phil Woods is on Alto.) butt mostly players I don’t know. It is an entirely cool and groovy large band – swinging so hard it makes me laugh out loud. I got this while buying a classic – Oliver Nelson’s “Blues and The Abstract Truth.” As always Amazon popped up a little ad that said “if you like this … then you will like this too…” Man were they right! I love this record.