My Neighbors and Music

I live in a 1940’s vintage neighborhood. The lots are small and the houses are close to each other. We have zoning coded so antiquated that one is allowed to build to within 7 feet of one’s property line. There are zero covenants on house color, styles,...

tonight at The Hamilton

Getting ready for the Chaise Lounge gig at The Hamilton. How weird is it that I am spending more time picking out a suit than I am going over any ragged musical details? I have decided on the mauve one FWIW.

The Sports Page

This is a really special day. The sports page in the Post was as good as it has been in 25 years. The Wizards beat the Heat last night. The Nats got their fifth starter, Dan Haren and it looks like they are going to retain LaRoche. The Skins are on a roll with a true...

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