"20 Songs" sheet music collection

Last Christmas, the pop star Beck blew me away by releasing an album on sheet music only. His stunning Song Reader inspired professional and amateur musicians all over the world to record their own renditions of his songs…and it inspired me to publish a sheet music collection of my own. Chaise Lounge fans have made a few transcriptions in years past (notably, an all-female barbershop version of “A Man Who Can Cook”) but this is the first time I’ve published official charts. The new collection contains 20 songs arranged for piano-vocal, with guitar symbols above the vocal line. The work includes some of Chaise Lounge’s most-requested tunes, of course, along with numbers such as “I Know Him,” a stoical torch song from my off-off-Broadway show, The Last Days of Cleopatra; a song of longing and heartbreak called “Internal Bleeding”; and a gospel-inspired road tune called “Brick and Mortar.” The cover folder was beautifully designed by Adriana Cordero of DesignCordero.