Film Festival News

Elissa Leonard’s biopic Sally Pacholok, which I scored, will be premiering at Filmfest DC tonight. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen. Sometimes the films I work on have their premieres far away, and I end up missing the screenings. That is exactly what is happening with Jonathan Gruber’s documentary Miriam Beerman: Expressing the Chaos. That premiere will be taking place at the Palm Beach International Film Festival. Sadly, I will not be going to Florida to warm up!

Noir for Cello and Orchestra

Noir for Cello and Orchestra

Duration for 5 movements: 23 minutes
Download the score:
I. Prelude/Credits – Full Score
II. Car Chase – Full Score
III. .45 Caliber Waltz – Full Score
IV. Wisecracks – Full Score
V. Who Are You, Lady… – Full Score
Stream the music, as performed by soloist Lawrence Leviton and the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra:

Car Chase:

Caliber Waltz:


Who are you,Lady?:

Download the MP3s:
I. Prelude/Credits
II. Car Chase
III. .45 Caliber Waltz
IV. Wisecracks
V. Who Are You, Lady, And How Did You Get In Here?