The Last Days of Cleopatra

In 1961, after a calamitous start in London, the cast and crew of the film Cleopatra move to Cinecittà Studios in Rome to re-start the film. The dazzling Elizabeth Taylor has stayed on in the role of Cleopatra, but she has a new co-star: Richard Burton, a famed Shakespearean actor, who has joined the cast as Mark Antony. With the largest budget in Hollywood’s history and an acclaimed new director, the production seems to be back on track. But the reality is that this esteemed crew is in the process of making one of the biggest film turkeys of all time—while Taylor and Burton strike up a world-famous adulterous affair that ends Taylor’s marriage and drenches the production in scandal. As Taylor learns hard lessons, though, other troupers meet sunnier fates, finding friendship or true love on the set of this colassal disaster.

Here are a few songs from the show.

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