Him and Jim

100 minutes
Three Acts
5M, 4W
A three act story of Jim, a manager at an auto parts store, meeting Jesus. His failing marriage fully dissolves. Jim’s atheistic children and his employees at Turbo Auto Parts remain suspicious of the existence of the son of God even as low-rent miracles appear all around them. Jesus convinces no one of anything, but does have one very good parlor trick.

Production History:
Scheduled World Premier- March 2018


A Musical. The story of suffragists Alice Paul. Ida B.Wells and Carrie Chapman Catt and the journey to the passage of the 19th Ammendment. I amwriting the music. Jennifer Schwed and Doug Bradshaw are writing the book and the lyrics.
Two Acts.
Two Hours
13W 2M

Production History:
Nov 1,2,3 2017 Workshop The Lyceum, Alexandria, VA


One Act
100 minutes
This one-act play is based on the real friendship—and tennis rivalry—between two
very different composers of the early 20th century: the respected but severe Arnold
Schoenberg and the much more popular George Gershwin, who sponsored
Schoenberg and his wife when they fled Nazi-era Vienna for the United States. Set in
Los Angeles in 1936–37, the play includes Schoenberg; Gershwin; Schoenberg’s
wife, Gertrud; and Gershwin’s girlfriend at the time, the actress Ginger Rogers. On
the court and over dinner, the four mismatched friends debate the nature of artistic
process and artistic inspiration. Looming over the quartet is the fact, unknown to all
of them but known to the audience, that George is suffering from a brain tumor that
will take his life within a year.

Production History
July 2016 Professional Workshop Reading
June 9-18 2017 Full Production/World Premier Crowded Kitchen Players, Bethlehem PA

Chaise Lounge a la Argentina

My jazz band, Chaise Lounge, loves to play with orchestras! On February 18, we will be playing a concert of originals, swing standards, and tangos with the Pan American Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. The program is called “Fusion of the Americas: Jazz Meets Tango,” and it is the world’s first opportunity to hear us performing jazz versions of Astor Piazzolla classics like “Libertango” and “Oblivion,” as well as tangofied American-songbook staples like Irving Berlin’s “Let’s Face the Music and Dance.” If you’ll be in the area, you can get tickets here.

Give Me the Orchestra

Give Me the Orchestra

This is a great piece with which to introduce the sections of the orchestra to a young audience.
Instrumentation: picc,2fl,2ob,2cl,bscl,2bs,4hrn,3trp,2trb,bstrb,tba,4perc,timp,harp,strings
Duration: 3 minutes
Download the score:
Give me the Orchestra – Full Score
Stream the music:

Download the MP3:
Give Me the Orchestra