Had a great session with Marilyn last night.  For those looking ahead… past the brand new Insomnia CD.   The next one- whatever it is – is going to be great.

We recorded the vocals to Dot Dot Dot last night and it sounds terrific.

I am curious to know what venues people think we should be looking for in Georgia and South Carolina?   Someday I would like to play The Fox Theater in Atlanta

But that is well beyond us right now.

Wisconsin in the rear-view mirror

I admit it freely, I am oriented to a larger city.  Washington DC suits me.  And every time I find myself in a small town or a rural area I suffer from a weird claustrophobia. ( this might be agoraphobia??)  One would think that I would embrace the wide open spaces, but it is just the opposite with me. I fear the wide open spaces and mostly long for the crush of houses, people and stuff that I am used to.   The ride from Milwaukee to Stevens Point was everything I get nervous about… nothing.. Lots and lots of nothing. A three hour drive through nothing. I know that farmers and hunters and outdoorsmen would see it differently.  But to me it is just a vast stretch of vaguely  threatening nothing; a place where, if your car broke down you could hope for….nothing.  But on we pressed until we came to the near- nothingness of Plover, Wisconsin, where our hotel was. Luckily the hard part of our trip was over and the delightful part ahead.

     The concert was a gem.  The hospitality shown to us throughout our trip was amazing.  The CWSO played beautifully.  Pat Miles, the maestro, was a solid rock of a conductor, melding the loose ends of a jazz band with the strictures of an orchestra seamlessly. The audience was one of the most appreciative we have ever had.  The after-party on Sunday was a warm embrace of food and bright conversation.  Now that I know what lies just beyond the nothingness between Milwaukee’s General Mitchell Airport and Stevens Point- I can hardly wait to go back. 

Mathew Brady

Yes that is the correct spelling.  I just finished writing a song about Mathew Brady.  Ask you…. is this a rational way for me to spend what precious time I have left on this mortal coil?

Well, we will see.  It is def not a Chaise Lounge song.  It might be good for The Fablers?  That will all depend on Marilyn. It is a song that will have a niche audience: Civil War photography buffs.

Maybe this is how I will write songs from now on… with a niche audience in mind?   Say…. citrus growers. Or maybe bookbinders.

Chaise Lounge is off to Wisconsin today.  Should be a great trip.  The Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra is a good orchestra and Maestro Pat Miles is an excellent conductor.  And there is fried cheese curd!

On Wisconsin! On Wisconsin!

Getting ready for our trip to Wisconsin to play with the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra. rehearsing the orchestra arrangements this evening.

I am just astonished by all the hospitality they have already extended to us.  It seems that a good deal of that hospitality involves fried cheese curd and Point Beer.

And that is ok with me. 

Best Wishes to Harry McPherson

I have been working on film score for Les Francis for a film about Washington insider Harry McPherson.  It will be a 1hour show for PBS.

Unfortunately I heard this morning that Harry suffered a tragic fall and is in the hospital.  I hope he gets out in time to see the film.  The Film  is an amazing look inside the LBJ administration.