A heartfelt documentary

I recently started scoring a difficult, meaningful, and beautiful film called Leprosy: A Love Story. Leprosy is a biblical disease, but it still destroys millions of lives. Now, the drug manufacturer Novartis is giving the cure away for free, to eradicate this scourge. Producers David Hanrahan and Joe Fab have been documenting this effort; I’m honored to help.

"Charlie Barnett Knows the Score"

Bethesda Magazine recently named Charlie a “Person of Interest”:

Charlie Barnett is about to play one of his favorite tunes.
 “Listen to this,” he says, as if sharing a delicious secret. And suddenly you can’t wait to hear what he has cued up on his computer.
 This is a guy who has penned symphonies, scored award-winning films, played before large audiences, and written music for acclaimed poet Maya Angelou’s spoken-word performances. But his enthusiasm makes every song he plays feel brand new.

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"Easton's 'Classic Hepcat'"

Two gigs in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley inspired this coverage in one of the local papers:

Charlie Barnett calls himself the quintessential late bloomer.
     The Easton native was one of those kids forced to take piano lessons by his parents, and quit the first chance he got.
     But when he turned 20, he regretted his decision and began taking jazz piano lessons on his day off from his surveying job.
     “That was the start of me becoming a good piano player,” Barnett says. “I was the classic hepcat.”
     Now having scored hundreds of documentaries, films and television shows and touring in a band with A-listers from the Washington, D.C. music scene, his musical talent has flowered.

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