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tonight at The Hamilton

Getting ready for the Chaise Lounge gig at The Hamilton. How weird is it that I am spending more time picking out a suit than I am going over any ragged musical details? I have decided on the mauve one FWIW.


I went to a Capital City Symphony rehearsal last night. They are going to premier a piece of mine on Sunday called Velocipede.  The atmosphere in an orchestral rehearsal is a wonderful thing.   there is a real seriousness of purpose.  Everyone there does this purely...


In July I was asked by the Strathmore Music Center to be one of their mentors for their AIR (artists in residence) program.  All together there are six young emerging artists. I was assigned two: Deborah Bond and Owen Danoff.  When Strathmore first called I had to...

Theatre at Lime Kiln

I could not live in a small town.  I know thqt because I grew up in a few of them.  The smallest was 800 people living on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania.  But I love it when I am thrown, for an evening, into the center of a small town.  We played a...

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