The Blue Chevrolet

2002 – 4 Movements – Duration: 33 minutes

Description: A musical road trip. My parents used to drive us up Rt. 1 from Virginia to Maine each Summer. This is my memory of that trip. This has been performed as individual movements. Especially “The Detour, the Argument, and Finally, the Map” (movement 3) and “Home” (movement 4).

Minimum orchestra required: 2 fl (picc), 2 ob(EH), 2 cl, 2bsn, 3 trp, 4 hrn, 3 trb, tba, 3 perc, timp, harp, strings

Score Sheets

The Detour | Ah, The Scenic Overlook | The Blue Chevrolet | Home

The Brooklyn Affair

2001 – 4 Movements – Duration: 30 minutes

Description: This piece is a blast to play and to conduct. The violinist Janice Martin knows this piece well and is available to play it.

The Brooklyn Affair – Movement II: The Subway Chase

Minimum orchestra required: 2 fl (picc), 2 ob (eh), 2 cl, 2 bsn, 2 trp, 3 hrn, 2 trb, tba, 2 perc, timp, harp, strings, solo violin

Score Sheets

Movement I | Movement II | Movement III | Movement IV