Read Charlie’s Blog entry about The Last Days of Cleopatra

New version of The Last Days of Cleopatra! Joe Calarco has written a new brilliant book. Charlie has written all new songs and lyrics. We had a “29 hour reading” of it in March. April found Joe and Charlie spending two weeks polishing the show. There was an industry reading in September 2009 in NYC.

Visit The Last Days of Cleopatra website.

In 1963 Cleopatra became the most expensive film ever made, almost bankrupted a studio, turned the public’s appetite for celebrity gossip into an obsession, and launched one of the great love affairs of the twentieth century. The Last Days of Cleopatra dives headfirst into the glamour, excitement, and passion of that time and place and paints a portrait of one of the most fascinating women of our time: Elizabeth Taylor.

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