Still floating

The Germano’s show on Tuesday was really fun.  I just looked at the videos we took and I am struck by how naturally Marilyn swings. 

It is just an amazing, and particularly American trait that she comes by naturally.   Can I just say that Germano’s would benefit from just a “little” stage….

Just a 4 inch stage would make a world of difference.   Also, it is worth noting that Valentine’s day…. or St. Valentines Day ( as I usually call it) is a supremely weird night to play.

At least half the audience was there as sort of a pre-game warm-up for the “actual” Valentine’s Day event. ( sex) . There were quite a few couples who left before the show was over… but had quirky somehow complicit smiles on their faces as they left.  I felt like we had done our jobs in making their lives just a little more complete for at least that one night.

Charlie's Interview in "The Scene" regarding Chaise Lounge's Upcoming Wisconsin Orchestral Show

Charlie's Interview in "The Scene" regarding Chaise Lounge's Upcoming Wisconsin Orchestral Show

Read Charlie’s Interview Here:

Interview with Charlie Barnett

Your doctor says: “Go to this concert”DC-based jazz ensemble, Chaise Lounge, will lower your blood pressure When I first spoke with Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra Executive Director Ann Huntoon about Chaise Lounge, the Washington DC-area jazz ensemble that will be the guest artist at the symphony’s February concert, she had warned me that band leader Charlie Barnett is a fun character.

Embedly Powered


Chaise Lounge at the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra

February 26, 2012

Close the doors on winter chills and join the CWSO as they welcome Chaise Lounge for a stop on their TUNDRA TOUR!  The band will be blowing in on February 25th and 26th and have promised a hot night in the Theater @1800 with their cool jazz standards backed by the CWSO.  These six band members comprise some of the best of the east coast musicians around today.  We’ll start the program off with Bernstein and Gershwin and then slide back into time to a “blend of music that sounds like it was recorded at Capitol Recording Studios in 1962 and somehow found its way to today’s pop charts.”

Symphony Lounge

The Last Days of Cleopatra

The Last Days of Cleopatra

 Read Charlie’s Blog entry about The Last Days of Cleopatra

New version of The Last Days of Cleopatra! Joe Calarco has written a new brilliant book. Charlie has written all new songs and lyrics. We had a “29 hour reading” of it in March. April found Joe and Charlie spending two weeks polishing the show. There was an industry reading in September 2009 in NYC.

Visit The Last Days of Cleopatra website.

In 1963 Cleopatra became the most expensive film ever made, almost bankrupted a studio, turned the public’s appetite for celebrity gossip into an obsession, and launched one of the great love affairs of the twentieth century. The Last Days of Cleopatra dives headfirst into the glamour, excitement, and passion of that time and place and paints a portrait of one of the most fascinating women of our time: Elizabeth Taylor.

Hudson River Blues

A feature film aired on The Romance Channel. One of the featured actresses in this film by Nell Cox is Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock. She sings in the film and has an amazing voice. Perhaps I will put that audio clip up sometime soon for her fans to hear.