I don’t usually use this website for calls to action, but a friend of mine is in trouble, so I am making an exception. I met Richard Dean (everyone calls him Dean) nearly 30 years ago when he was a young hip-hop producer in the Washington DC area. He later resurfaced in my world as a self-taught and self-employed film editor of tremendous industry and talent. We’ve worked together on many films, and I have always been blown away by what he brings to these projects. Unfortunately, Dean has recently had some health challenges that have kept him from working, and in order to get back to work he needs a specially adapted vehicle that he can’t afford. I’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to help. If you are able to donate or to spread the word about Dean’s situation, especially to any film editors you may know, I would be very grateful. Here is a link for more information: Richard Dean GoFundMe Page