Over the weekend I went to Atomic Music. What a slice of rock and roll life here in Washington DC. It is a steady stream of people walking in with amplifiers and guitars that smell like someone’s basement. In a good way. It’s that basement smell of bands getting their songs together. I love that aroma. There is a particular smell of an amp that hasn’t been turned on in a while. I guess it is the dust burning off the tubes. I love that smell. Also the smell of a guitar case that locked in the air from the last gig it was on. If it is an older guitar and hasn’t been played in a while – it will smell like cigarette smoke. Luis runs this place with the flair of a casino croupier, or a livestock auctioneer. It is amazing how quickly he knows how much an amp, a guitar, or a drum kit, is worth and how much he will be able to re-sell it for. I let a Fender Amp, an old Korg Keyboard and a PA amp go. In return (well.. I had to spend actual cash) I got a new (to me..) Takamine amplified acoustic guitar that is the color of a fake plastic banana. I can see why it didn’t sell. It was just waiting for a guy like me to come along. I love this color. It will look so good with a blue suit.

On a more hi-toned note. The Washington Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra had their second performance of “The Far Tortoogas” at Bishop Ireton High School. A much better sounding space. I’m telling you, this orchestra is a jewel! It is a shame that concerts like this don’t get reviewed.

Redskins are now officially a joke.