The Dick Kaufmann concert at the Atlas theater was a huge success. Dick sang well and the audience LOVED it. Some thoughts on this:

  1. The Atlas is foolish to let Scott Burgess go as their house sound guy. He is talented, knows their system and gear. If they start letting independent sound guys in without any supervision, that place will quickly go downhill.
  2. The Atlas also in in need of a house production person. How ridiculous it was to be looking for an hour(!) to find someone with a key to the loading dock. Just infuriating. That theater has the potential of becoming a wonderful performing venue – or being another DC organizational casualty. We will know soon enough.
  3. I love playing with great players. Chaise Lounge was Dick’s band with a few additional players – all of them great. (Tom Williams – trumpet, Bob Spates – violin, Dan Hovey – guitar) Life feels so good in such solid company. Playing music is like playing tennis for some people. When you are playing with great players, your own playing gets better. Oh and, BTW, I enjoyed being at the piano for this show.
  4. The importance of hanging out after the gig is not to be underestimated. We all went to the bar next to the theater and had a few drinks after the show. The bar was the H Street Country Club. I had heard that they were going to put a 9 hole indoor putt-putt golf course in here – where is it? Such a great idea.
  5. The importance of a well dressed band: Looking sharp has become a mission with Chaise Lounge.

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