Chaise Lounge just came off two wonderful gigs.  A concert at Black Rock Performing Arts Center.  And then this Saturday at The Hamilton.  The Hamilton was amazing. To use a sports analogy : we left it all on the field.  It is an amazing feeling to know, and to know deeply, that you gave the crowd everything you had:  every bit of skill, every bit of emotion, and the sum total of all the arranging, re-arranging and rehearsal that, over years, add up to a good song and a good performance.  People say it all the time, but that makes it no less true, that what you get back from the audience, if you are tuned in, is more than you have given. We played for nearly 400 attentive ( meaning sometimes screaming and sometimes lost in a wash of emotion) fans.  It feels funny to say “fans”. I just think of them as lots of folks I know,… even when I don’t know them at all. That’s the way it feels.  There are only six of us in the band. We were hopelessly out-numbered. We put out only six people’s worth of music, but we got 400 peoples vibes coming back at us. The wave of musical joy and satisfaction that swept back over us after each song was palpable.  Every gig is different. But I hope we can get somewhere close to this feeling every time.