In July I was asked by the Strathmore Music Center to be one of their mentors for their AIR (artists in residence) program.  All together there are six young emerging artists. I was assigned two: Deborah Bond and Owen Danoff.  When Strathmore first called I had to suppress the thought that screamed through my head… ” Hey, when did I stop being a young emerging artist cross over to the eminence grise category? ”  The answer is: years ago.    I got over myself and now I am very happy to be part of this.  All of the emerging artists are talented.   And they have an unbelievable supply of young energy that is infectious.  The program is run by Betty Scott, a former schoolteacher, who brings a discipline and structure to this that is somehow strict and relaxed all at the same time.    Chaise Lounge is playing at the Strathmore Gala at the end of October and several of the AIRs will be sitting in with the band.  Last week we had a rehearsal with Isabelle DeLeon on drums, Integriti Reeves singing, Christylez Bacon on beatbox and personality, and Owen Danoff on guitar and vocals.  They all came prepared and ready to bring it.  I am mentioning  this program in case you know someone who would benefit from this.  I think that each of these artists is going to come out of the year long program with a much clearer understanding of all that it takes to have a performing career in music.   And in case you are called to be a mentor- Say yes.