Last Friday I was part of the Q & A panel that followed the screening of “Follow Me”.  I was with Dave Goulding, the cinematographer and David Grossbach, the editor.  Thank God they were there.  I always forget this… there are never any questions about the film making process.  There are only questions about content.  The two Dave’s were well equipped for all the questions.  My advice for all composers thrust into such situations:  be prepared to simply sit there and nod knowingly as better informed parties answer questions.

       Just so you know: we had an orchestra of 25. I conducted. It took two days to record all the live tracks.  And two days to mix. The synth tracks were already finished by the time tracking started.  We recorded at Cue Recording in Falls Church in the “Red Room”.  If you are truly curious,  I can tell you some of the mics we used.  Nothing exotic though, the usual collection of Neumans, Sennheisers, Royers etc.   There, I feel better.