Lobby Marquee

In The PM, New York

We are back in the studio. I am listening to John Bolton play “Vic”. He is spectacular. And Chris Littlefield is doing an wonderful job. I just sit here in amazement as little Mel Morgan moves actors around like chess pieces. Actors arrive, actors leave, they sit in different configurations for each song. It just flows right along— so far without many hiccups.

I am realizing that what I really like is only writing this stuff. I don’t need to have much to do with the rehearsing of it. Probably, that means that I am not so much of a theater person. Maybe just a theater music composer. My job here: I am really here as some sort of quality control agent. I try and stay on top of the times when we all feel it needs to be transposed, fix little note mistakes etc, But largely I just sit and enjoy it all. And now blog.

Note: there is no shortage of tenors in New York. The baritones are a more precious commodity. And basses? I’ve never heard one. The girls seem to be able to sing anything.

Oh. This was frightening: When we got in this morning they were auditioning for Beauty and the Beast. (They still are). The entire sixth floor was FILLED with actresses. Miles of beautiful, and probably talented, 21 year old girls. Oh my, what a daunting thing for each of them. How on earth do you keep your ego from crumbling to psychic dust in the face of a hundred other people who can do almost exactly what you do?

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