What an amazing time that was.  To be 9 years old. You are generally allowed, even encouraged , to occasionally be as enthusiastic and as loud as you can possibly be. 

The North Chevy Chase Elementary 4th grade invited me back to listen to them sing ” 43 Good Excuses”.  This time I came prepared. Sue and her trusty flip cam came along.  The video is sooooooo cute.  Their teacher, Jacqui, is incredibly cool.  And they respond by being the hippest little people on the planet.  My own memories of 4th grade  revolve around Mrs. Blackburn at Maury Elementary, who referred to me only “Loudmouth” for the entire year.  Happily, that singular trait of being VERY LOUD, has been part and parcel of my entire career.  It has at times made a broken PA a non-event.  It has made public speaking an easy thing for me to do.  It has gotten the quick attention of three unruly children.  And it made me unconditionally love the sound of a Marshall stack turned up to ‘pulverize’.

you rock

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