I could not live in a small town.  I know thqt because I grew up in a few of them.  The smallest was 800 people living on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania.  But I love it when I am thrown, for an evening, into the center of a small town.  We played a gig last week in Lexington VA at an outdoor theater in the woods called Lime Kiln.  I think that every person in the audience knew everyone else. We were the only strangers there.  At the first song they clapped politely, just feeling out this new friendship between town and band. By the intermission we were on a first name basis. And by the end of the concert I feel like we could have gone home for coffee and ice cream with half the crowd. Music is an amazing way to build a friendship.  You can leapfrog the years and years of passing on the street, having kids in school together, working on the same block and go right to a powerful personal, albeit non-specific, conversation  that would normally take 20 years of friendship to get to.  I got the whole experience of knowing everyone in town in the span of 2 hours. 

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