On Monday I went to Cue Recording Studios and recorded drum tracks with Juju. He brought his friend Marcus to play the congas. Juju is a legend. He is the most famous go-go drummer. But he plays everything. Mostly he is touring with Chaka Khan and Roberta Flack now. I was lucky enough to catch him at home and get him into the studio for an afternoon. Eventually these tracks will be played in “The Other City”. Listening to him made me want to record a go-go style Cd of jazz standards. Hmmm what an odd thing to want to do? We’ll see how long this idea keeps rattling around my head.

Yesterday I did an interview with On Tap magazine. The very nice Ashley Bryant listened to be blather on for an hour. I hope she can make sense of a very non-linear, eposodic style of conversation. I have never been able to work through a conversation in a logical, orderly way.

And for the Chaise Lounge part of this. Tommy , Pete and I will be leaping back into recording rhythm tracks for the new CL CD next week.