I admit it freely, I am oriented to a larger city.  Washington DC suits me.  And every time I find myself in a small town or a rural area I suffer from a weird claustrophobia. ( this might be agoraphobia??)  One would think that I would embrace the wide open spaces, but it is just the opposite with me. I fear the wide open spaces and mostly long for the crush of houses, people and stuff that I am used to.   The ride from Milwaukee to Stevens Point was everything I get nervous about… nothing.. Lots and lots of nothing. A three hour drive through nothing. I know that farmers and hunters and outdoorsmen would see it differently.  But to me it is just a vast stretch of vaguely  threatening nothing; a place where, if your car broke down you could hope for….nothing.  But on we pressed until we came to the near- nothingness of Plover, Wisconsin, where our hotel was. Luckily the hard part of our trip was over and the delightful part ahead.

     The concert was a gem.  The hospitality shown to us throughout our trip was amazing.  The CWSO played beautifully.  Pat Miles, the maestro, was a solid rock of a conductor, melding the loose ends of a jazz band with the strictures of an orchestra seamlessly. The audience was one of the most appreciative we have ever had.  The after-party on Sunday was a warm embrace of food and bright conversation.  Now that I know what lies just beyond the nothingness between Milwaukee’s General Mitchell Airport and Stevens Point- I can hardly wait to go back. 

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