This is a Suite of the orchestral score to the movie Paper Clips. It includes the song Alison Krauss sang in the film, Jubilee.

Paper Clips Orchestral Theme

[audio:|titles=Paper Clips Orchestral Theme]

This is from wonderful documentary called Paper Clips. It is the story of the people of Whitwell, Tennessee and their junior high school’s project designed to teach their kids about the Holocaust. It is an astonishing little film that makes almost everyone weep – mostly tears of hope and joy. Miramax has picked this up and it has played on HBO. We’ll see where it goes from here. Congratulations to Bob Johnson, Joe Fab and Elliot Berlin, the amazing guys who made this film.

Paper Clips (Small Group Cue 1)

[audio:|titles=Paper Clips Small Group Cue One]

There were three sorts of music for Paper Clips – these cues were from the chamber group sessions featuring Janice Martin, again. I just love her playing. Also Greg Watkins is on double bass with Robert Sullivan on guitar and Lukasz Czyner on cello. I think the sound here perfectly reflects the Appalachian setting with the overtones of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe.

Paper Clips (Small Group Cue 2)

[audio:|titles=Paper Clips Small Group Cue Two]

The third group of sessions took place in Nashville with Alison Krauss. She sang the end titles and two tunes for the interior of the film. She was not only flawless and inspiring, she was funny. I don’t think I have ever worked with such a genuinely funny singer. And as you can imagine, she stole my heart.

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