Here is the cast list from last Sunday’s ( Feb 25th) table reading of Breseis.
What a wonderful table full of talent. Breseis is set in a small upstate New York college and features “Bree” who cannot be seen or heard by her awful professor.
I started with the character, Breseis from Homer’s Iliad and somehow ended up with a present day play set in a college. how? I don’t know. Catie Carlisle did a terrific job of being a young student and a magical creature from another time all at once.

Christina Masoni- Valerie Rigbee
Bre – Catie Carlisle
Harrison Robb – Brian MacDonald
Calvin Robb- Brian Lyons-Burke
Richard Geissen – Rich Follett
Lukas- Fletcher Lowe-
Hamilton – Colton Chaney
Tara – Alexandra Sage
James- Gabriel Alejandro
Cameron – Sarah Cushman
Yvonne- Stephanie Elza Yee
Tricia Katie Ganem
Folksinger- Charlie B.